Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride 

1n 1994, Fifty motorcycle enthusiasts followed the 206 mile Trail of Tears from Chattanooga, TN to Waterloo, AL to commemorate one of the darkest chapters in American history - the forced removal of Indians from their native lands in the 1800's.  The ride is estimated to have been over 90,000 motorcyclist this year including Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama.  Beside the arrival of 90,000 motorcycles an estimated 50,000 visitors were in Waterloo (population 250) enjoying the food, music and learning about American Indian heritage.   

Organizers of event welcomed a celebration that would honor both American Indians and victims of the September 11th attacks against America. To commemorate another dark chapter in American history - Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, DC and Penn. - many of the thousands of the riders in the convoy carried American flags and were greeted by hundreds of thousands of supporters along the route.

The ride grew to 80,000 last year, making Trail of Tears Commemoration the largest organized motorcycle ride in the country. 

A special thanks to Shelly, September 2001 Road Rash Biker Chick, for posing for our website (2nd pic).


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