Operation Just Cause



Write the President, Vice President AND First Lady. Write your Senators and Representatives. Ask for specific answers. Demand to know what is being done to find and bring home. And if you receive a "form letter" write again.

This is a debt owed by each and every one of us, long neglected and overdue. Let's bring them home NOW!

At a loss for words? Not sure what to tell the President or your Congressman? Well, here are three examples that you can use in their entirety (just copy and paste), or use parts of them to construct your own letter.

Pesidential Seal


Vice President

First Lady

Senate Seal

Official Email for your

Rep Seal

Official E-Mail for your Representatives


Other Official Links:

Department of Defense
United Nations
Social Security Administration
Department of Veteran Affairs
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall



Remember Jane?

My Promise Here





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