' We the People'
by The Ironhorse Writer™

'We the People,' no truer words,
throughout our history,
has ever meant as much to us
in the Land of Liberty.

'We the People,' in tyranny's demise,
brought forth Freedoms cry.
Words of defiance, willfully spoke,
for which we were willing to die.

'We the People,' as North and South,
tore our country in two.
Restitched the fabric of unity,
as only a great people can do.

'We the People,' as a world at war,
drew our young away.
Affirmed to those who would rule us all,
not here, not now, not this day!

'We the People,' too often it seems,
take our roots for granted.
Yet tend the soil that bares the seeds,
of which our Forefathers planted.

'We the People,' must always defend,
that which keeps us free.
To never relinquish our Freedoms,
nor forego our Liberty.

'We the People,' no truer words,
embodies our legacy.
The very seeds that we must tend,
in the Land of Liberty.

(The Ironhorse Writer) All Rights Reserved

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