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Southern by birth, not raised "Prejudiced" but would like to replace Heritage Not Hate with "I won't apologize for being WHITE!"  OR for loving the USA, Harley's, Freedom, Mom, Apple Pie and everything else my ancestors WORKED, FOUGHT and DIED FOR!


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Glad you've taken the time to stop by my site.  This site is for the Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.  Here you can find information related to the bikes and lifestyle we all love.  I hope you will  come back often as I am constantly updating and trying to improve on this site.  

I was in Law Enforcement until I suffered a stroke in April 2000.  This site has been the lifeline and motivation I've needed to maintain my sanity, that and riding my Harley Davidson.  That's why I do this web page and it's absolutely free to you so I hope you enjoy the visit.

I hope you will take a moment to sign my guestbook, add a link to your site on my Free Links page,  join my Top Site,  Web Ring  or if you know of any biker-event in your area feel free to add it to my Free Events page.

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"The Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism...the flag does not offend me personally. I grew up in the South - in Texas. That flag doesn't represent anything other than regional pride. It's a time of our history that we just can't erase."
-- Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States--


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Confederate Holidays

Robert E Lee
Birthday January 19
Confederate Heroes Day
Texas, January 19
Stonewall Jackson
Birthday January 21
Black Confederate Heritage
Confederate Heritage Month
Confederate Memorial Day
Arkansas, April 25
Confederate Memorial Day
Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, April 26
Confederate Memorial Day
North Carolina & South Carolina, May 10
Confederate Memorial Day
Virginia, May 30
Confederate Memorial Day
Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee, June 3
President Jefferson Davis
Birthday June 3
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Birthday July 13


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